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Episode 14: Hip Hop confinement, Femcee state & more, with Haggai of

For this episode the main thoughts we had revolved around Female rappers current state, Need for more chroniclers of our own hip hop history.  It was an amazing conversation with The Tribe Ug‘s Mubanza Haggai who went further to talk about very crucial and important views such as; the need for visuals ( videos, photos or visual presence of artists), it’s important to kick away the box because there is no box.

With so much brilliance Haggai  shared with me and we are very grateful that we ironed out some things. He encourages more people to write about hip hop. One interesting part is his comments on Chaps online as he calls them, …are chaps who act like lions when online…..

Connect With Him on Twitter @Mubanza is a Hip Hop & Urban culture Website.

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