Episode 23: NLP With Flex D’Paper and Mio Made

Episode 23: NLP With Flex D’Paper and Mio Made
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October should likely be one of those Hip Hop months. Episode 23 of the NuveyLive Podcast is here. Our weekly podcast as we always say will continue to bring you the stories behind the scenes and on this particular episode I quizzed Mio Made and Flex into telling us their journey from the get go.


We talk about the making of Yenze Aliko; how it all started, and the plans for the track. Mio Made also offers tips to any one yet to start their journey in Hip hop and some real life challenges as a young producer faces. Flex breaks down why he was into the various blends and fusions of Hip Hop with other genres then and now.

Do you want to know why Flex hasn’t yet dropped an album? How did Flex build one of the successful UG Hip Hop brands of his time? How does Mio Made make it? And also how can I make it in this UG Hip Hop industry? Listen below:

PS: Mio Made is the producer behind Flex’s hit single Yenze Aliko off Not For Sale Mixtape. The song was produced at Ngaks Studio and special thanks tothe people there. This episode was recorded at Ngaks Studio.

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