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Keko talks Love From Venus, no break for now and hints on an album-[Mini Cast Interview]

About last night i had a good time at Keko’s mixtape release party. Yes Love From Venus / L F V was officially released and man! its a mixtape feels more album-ish than tape material. (My opinion!). I had an exclusive interview and a rare one with the queen her self before the event caught the real steam of a release party at about 11:45 PM. The interview took course about an hour earlier and my goodness so much surprises came with it. I ask about an album,, and the mixtape itself and where for you who love free download links (Your prayers shall be answered in two weeks time). Of course I got my autographed CD and made sure to listen to it and wondered why potential albums are being made lately. She her self betrays her conscience and refers to LFV as an album. If you would rather listen to the interview just go to the bottom of this article to download the Mini Cast.

Happy Birth day Keko

And the Interview.

Shawn: Yo whats up people! we are hangin’ at Love From Venus Mixtape release. Yeh Whats up Keko?

Keko: Am good, how you doin’ mane

Shawn: Yeh am good. So, how is the feeling now?… somethin’ new

Keko: (almost the same time am speaking) Oh mane people are starting to get in now. I was nervous, very nervous before but you know we are almost sold out yuh so am  feeling really good you know i cant  wait for you know everybody  you know  that paid  to get in you know. My true fans paid to get in you know? Just like your self (points at the excited me) you bought a CD.

Shawn: (i agree more) Yeeh sure!

Keko: so yeh i can’t really wait for you to listen to the mixtape .. and your very lucky after this sell out, NO! we are not making  anymore.

Shawn: Okay.

Keko: So that’s a collectors item right there, (silence) pass it down generation.

Shawn: You just heard it first. So how is it the feeling of  aah (pause)  doing  like a mixtape, your not yet ready for an album or you feel that…

Keko: NO! the Album, Album,  the Album is coming be patient , the album is coming, the Album is definitely coming thats the biggest one you know.

Shawn; Okay (convincingly)

Keko: we have many projects when the album drops  we’ill shoot. May be we’ill even have Chris Brown come perform; I don’t know!

Shawn:uh hmmn hmn (she laughs and we all laugh)

Keko: Yeh eh eeehee heee

Shawn: Thats interesting !

Keko: eh hehe yeah!

Shawn: What… so could you  tell us about the inspiration on love from Venus.

Keko:You know  The first tape was Paranoid. So the follow up is Love From Venus, put those two together, ‘Paranoid Love From Venus’ You Know its just pretty much uuuhmn you know they say women are from Venus   and men from mars. I have actually grown up around women my entire life. i went to single sex school, i know about women per say. So this is just uuuhm me being a woman you know.. and dedicating the Album* to where we all come from- mothers!. Uh! From Venus definitely, so we are all come from Venus. You Know the women come from Venus. You know, its the birth of something new thats why i call it love from Venus, because  aah its my new baby.

Shawn: So what do you think the people who have gotten the CD should expect?

Keko: The best of the best you know, the best sound, the best variation of music, Uh Hmm aah the best lyrical content up there from any rapper female or male you know. Um. I tried to tackle you know different aspects of   aah musical arrangement, beats, rhythms, tempos, up tempo staff, isn’t up tempo staff, it is very hip hop Old …I wouldn’t  say old school grange hip hop, and then there is very new school, mellow hip hop so this is just aspects of it.

Love From Venus Cd
Love From Venus CD I Got Mine

Shawn: Okay.

Keko: just like a woman.

Shawn: that’s interesting. We run article i think two weeks ago an article on whether Keko is taking a break oh is that real or..

Keko; Is it. does it seem am taking that sh*t? I just dropped som’n

Shawn: No No like a break?

Keko: Oh yeah the break will come very soon but i cant say right now. You know i feel like am back in the mood

Shawn: Okay ’cause am using the word…

Keko: The fans are giving the life right now, its crazy party in there mane.

Shawn: eh he ’cause am using the word intelligently, not as you quiting the whole thing…

Keko: IYuh because many people be like, “We heard your quitting?”. Musicians don’t quit bro (an indicator that i am getting the it right) Okay ah. Even when I.. I.. say retire i can still come back from retirement, Jiijiiiger…

(Jigger is another alias for American rapper Sean Carter Aka Jay Z)

Shawn: Jigger has done that!

Keko: Jigger (laughing with relaxation) Am on ma Jigger bro. (we all laugh)

Shawn: I get the picture, so any few last  words for your fans?

Keko: Oh Yeh. I would love for you, you know. Aaah uah the official link for this mixtape goes out two weeks from now, unfortunately you will have to wait…


Keko: Kekonian out there but when it drops we would have added some more aspects to it ,and uhm i hope  you enjoy it you know and get to understand where am going with my music you know. I know and understand the frustration, “Keko why don’t you release new music all the time”, well i released twelve tracks, so that should cover like a whole entire year you know. One track per each month should be given up to you, you know.

Shawn: Yeh sure!

Keko: Till the album drops then we’ill take it from there.

Shawn:So when the music is available for download, is there going to be any sort of….like  difference?

Keko: No No No!

Shawn: Is there a deluxe thing or it is still the same.

Keko: I can’t tell, I.. I.. I.. may drop a new deluxe or somethin’ but i wouldn’t be fair to you, you know especially of just grabbed the CD, no it’s the same thing. Same thing you know only not in hard copy.

Shawn: Two weeks from now…

Keko: yes!

Shawn: we would love to put it on our site two weeks from now two weeks from now for download.

Keko: Yes you can put it on the site, two weeks from now.

Shawn; You heard it first!

Keko: Exactl….

Shawn: aah Its been NuveySHAWN uh representing chillin’ with Keko!

Keko: Yop Yop!

Shawn: (Trying ma luck with the questions) What happened to the site aaah

[ is a website that has been under construction for a while ]

Keko: Oh we still building that site. its like a district. like a town. I wanna know exactly you know how  to .. to  partition it you know.

Shawn: Okay.

Keko: You know i want it to be …. look very creative. I don’t want it to.. I am taking my time with it  that’s all am saying. I like to be a perfectionist you know  some times  mane.

Shawn: The second time and am asking ’cause i keep following…

Keko: Under construction! Under construction, we are focusing on music right now that’s it. no worries..

Shawn: (i retire) Thank you very much!

Keko: Thank You!

Shawn: oops (i happened to drop my copy of the mixtape)

Well that was it, after that talk i went a head to listen to my pair of headphones as i waited for the rest of the event to go on.

I hope You enjoyed the Mini Cast if you downloaded it. You could simply leave a message in the comment section and please forgive the audio quality. Otherwise am gone to Listen to L FV.

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