Here is a poem from Devis The Poet about this one  cold night. Devis is a budding poet who has graced a number of poetry nights in Kampala and our inaugural TPPM event that resumes next year 1st April, 2018. Here is 3:15 a.m. a read for you below:


3:15 a.m.

Cold night, make loneliness bite,

Its teeth sink in the more you put up a fight,

Wind whistles through woods,

through flesh, it hits bones ruining moods,

Wind chimes singing in tones of terror,

Whatever is to come,

Is not worth the welcome,

Dogs bark but it does not turn back,

Sister Margret she,

Stretches her hand to hold her breath,

Tightens her grip, hangs in there no letting go,

But breath now weighs tonnes

Busy, uneasy, pacing from side to side,

Light fading in her veins, darkness sinking in,

The arms in the clock paint and dictate

IT IS 3;15

Muscles stretch, teeth clench, bones crack,

Skin wet with sweat, crimson eyes, tearing thighs,

Blood boils, pain toils, no escape from its scape

Boiling fear, Crying tears, pus oozing from her ears

Blood dripping from the noes,

Whatever is inside her only God knows,

She opens her filthy lips and speaks




She collapses and her body kisses the floor,

It is now 3;16

Devis The Poet

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