In Our #Blogotory / Poetry collection here is a new one from Kawere Mahad and Nagayi Hadijjah , which is a joint collaboration between the two poets from our team here. We are Proud AFricans From Uganda and thus this is to raise the Dreams and Values higher. #AFRICADREAMING


True Africans…

The ‘Over flowing Love’-

Which they have for their Nations Languages and Cultures..

True Africans…

As swift as snail-swimming through salt-

They speak their own languages,

Ad yet – of course at the expense of

The colonial Languages-in which

They’ve attained mastery

That beats human imagination!

True Africans…

What a tremendous Value

Their own Cultures are to them-

“Old fashioned!” they say…

And Exultantly! Toss the mother cultures into the Trash..

The ‘The True Africans’ are seriously Gifted by nature…

They *EXULTANTLY exhibit their Great God Given talents!-

Dressed in Skim-pies and ‘Ripe to yield…’-

Living their Behind(s) to Vigorously!

Cheer! At those interested .

What a super! COOL fashion…!

They have unmeasurable

Honor for the Sex roles and behavior .

‘Never’ can they ‘Ever’ Defy the course of Nature-

Since to them-‘a man can be a woman’

“its a free world” they assert

They vindictively speak back at their parents-

Of course- with ‘humble respect’-

Since their mouths normally Ejaculate -fiery-arrows

Which perfectly shreds!

The Parent’s Heart to ATOMS!


At what once an Angelic Being-

Living in an Eden-like-Land

Has turned into …..


Says he….

By Kawere Mahad(Ghostwriter2000) & Nagayi Hadijjah

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