Political or Not here is Bonga Nange (Straight spit) by St. Nelly-sade & Agee

Political or Not here is Bonga Nange (Straight spit) by St. Nelly-sade & Agee

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Tubonga Nawe , Tetubonga Nawe, and now the new cousin Bonga Nange for the rest of this year have to be part of many of politically aware people and music enthusiasts. As the country prepares for the 2016 Elections the ideal Presidential candidate is actually a serious avenue for debate.


Wait lets not go political.

BONGA NANGE  is socially correct a song. The video is shot at one of kampalas rooftop as the two share their concerns that range from present day relationships and their natures, in about the first quarter of the song. They highlight promiscuity and the related. The conversational piece highlights the success of St Nelly Sade’s Album Stories of Elevation which he personally admits as he asks Agee what happened to Love the EP. They show some copies of S.O.E too, this video is believed to have been shot last month on Nelly Sade’s open Kampala Sale of Stories Of Elavation (S.O.E)
And then some social concerns follow…

Politics or Not!
Well the main Agenda is on who should you vote for come 2016 in the Elections. This is some how laid out implicitly in the different verses and the bridge of the song.
Nelly speaks of the kind of person he can vote or bonga with (in this context and more) due to social(public) support(needs) and ensuring service delivery for the local people.


And what does Agee Say?
First we need to thumb up Agee for switching her lingo into spitting in uninterrupted Luganda and clearly highlighting who she would support. She says if the women have to be supported in away not left out. As a Nabakyala she speaks out on gender equality by putting forward that politicians have to support the women too. She is also tired of tear gas at campasi [campus] as she puts it.

All this is presented in a less inclined way and so its not about which party but which public needs are being represented.

Do you think hiphop is serving a purpose in steering a meaningful election next year?

Ps: its produced by Drift, St Nelly Sade is part of Luga Flow Army whose other member,Bana Mutibwa did Tetubonga Nawe.

Watch the video below

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