Premier: ‘Musege’ (DopeMan refix)- Pryce Teeba

Premier: ‘Musege’  (DopeMan refix)- Pryce Teeba

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Pryce Teeba first teased ‘Musege’ on 8 March, this year at Big Sam’s Tutambula Na’bitambula album release. He had performed a number of tracks that night and of course the fans where into his old tracks that particular night. An ego, guy he is – he did a little word for the track then.

Flash forward, its 16 September and here is Musege (Dope man refix). That’s right! Pryce  Teeba aka Mr. Kasirye tells of a tale of a one “musege” – Luganda equivalent  for slut, home-item-lifter or de-toother, fox (whatever you want to insert), who literary steals from him.

According to Pryce, Musege is the only reason Kash Crop will be a mixtape. It is a remix of Tory Lanez’s song Dope Man Go.  The feel is tweaked a beat and the bass emphasised for Musege. Hopefully a Pryce Teeba Album comes next year.

He goes so sleazy like still in need of this beautiful (on the outside) Lady. He switches between melodic raps and creates harmony with whining conscience in reminiscence. He took her (Nalu as he calls her on the track) to his place and she managed to take away his jewels and air Jordans that she saw.

Musege is a twist to the usual Pryce Teeba. This is a ‘conscious of the trap’ – Teeba. Besides the flossing he expresses the pain of double loss: first your property and then your supposed love to Nalu aka Musege. It shouldn’t happen to you, you should be cautious – is the serious moral for this story.

The persona gets drugged by a mixture of drinks and when he wakes the next morning – all his valuable property is gone including the rolex he bough – she ate it!

Grim humor yes! Deception is real!

This is likely the best time to drop the track. This will become an anthem for those who share the same experience like the recently released similar tale from Sayanide, Caution and Papa Stone Town: Kiwani

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