#PrettyFemceesWinAgain:Race.T to release Pretty Gals ft Zabuli x M.C Loy & Lady Bezo

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Nothing is very intriguing like when femcees team up to make a project together. If you share the same optimism with me you just about to be served by the AMAZING  pretty gal Race T together with other pretty gals. Race T took to her social media pages announcing the release of Pretty Gals slated for  21 December, it will be a Monday, so you know that your starting a new week with positive energy.

Pretty gals produced by Joe Beats aka Gamit is a project on which Race features Zabuli, M.C Loy and the super talented Lady Bezo (y’all got the memo!). Together they spit flames to clarify that also pretty gals,(You see the effect of a good song? I meant pretty girls) love, serve and worship the lord. I wonder if the idea in the preceding sentence ever crossed Big Tril’s mind.Before we go so far the collective is of four pretty  christian Femcees.

We are pretty pretty gals and love Jesus.

Race of course opens up the song with a hook and a verse that welcomes you to the theme of the song. She is very certain of Jesus’ blessing upon her and thus will keep winning. Zabuli who raps with a dancehall influence to give the song a versatile appeal which , Joe works well to customise the drum set  at the pointwhere her verse fits or comes in. You will realise this intelligent effect serves the song right.

M.C Loy gives it her best to deliver her bars quite uninterrupted as she Talks over like a pastor( call it spoken word) within her bars (at the score 2:56) thus giving the impression pretty gals know the word of the lord. Lady Bezo holds it down as a supreme female christian rapper(lets say like Keko on the All Femcees cypher with another set of pretty femcees). Bezo makes various flows just to give the song a versatile appeal and make it clear that they holdin down by “keeping it kiimu” Her approach to the song also seemingly suggests that as a Femcee you can do anything, on top of it u can have great delivery as christian rapper too.

PS: I have already listened to the song and hope to get to her and decipher the song further. Other than that wait for a download link on Monday. It’s a must listen!


Connect with Race T:
Facebook: Race T
Twitter: @RaceT146
Soundcloud: Race T

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