Pryce Teeba Shares “10 Reasons Why Hip Hop Hasn’t Blown Up artists in Uganda”

Pryce Teeba Shares “10 Reasons Why Hip Hop Hasn’t Blown Up artists in Uganda”

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Pryce Teeba Yesterday titled his post on Facebook : Some Reasons Why Hip Hop Hasn’t Blown Up People In Uganda and went a head to give  ten reasons.

Accoring to him:  old rappers don’t want to give a hand to new rappers; New Rappers Don’t Respect The old Rappers; DJs Think They Are more Stars than Artist; Bloggers Never download music/Artwork if u don’t send it to them it will never be on their pages; Not having Luganda hip hop Presenters; Having Seats on Hip hop shows; Ugandan music has a small percentage on the Media waves; Rappers have a daily day job its not really about music; Producers think they put in more work than artist and [finally there is ] NO UNITY.

The Side Zeno rapper’s  post received numerous reactions agreeing and others disagreeing with certain aspects of his post. The reasons are highly relative to his perspective. Most commenter’s didn’t agree with number four about having Luganda presenters. The essence stems to Uganda haaving many languages and appropriately radio stations tend to follow the lingua franca of a region.

Bloggers didn’t escape this, they are part of the reasons: We wrote an article about hip hop Journalism a while ago you check it out.  To be efficient is promotion campaign and you know certain bloggers / writers in you sphere an earlier heads up is always great. This enables you to have effective campaign heat / sauce for lack of a better word.  And many felt the same way about reason 8.

He also teased Nvuga Kampala Remix  listen to the original as we wait for next week.

We leave the ball to you, have any other reasons? Or what do you agree to? Share with us in the comment section.

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