Fakher officially released his Real Is Rare mixtape that comes after his 2019 No Attachment tape. On this new tape he sort of conceptualizes it based on the premise: Real is rare. The tape is still re/introducing us to the talent that Fakher is. Fakher Ahmed is heavily influenced by modern sounds within hip hop and out of it like pop loaded vibes with guitars and piano as lead instruments.

Real Is Rare runs for 24 minutes with single ready love songs like “Reasons” and “Lost Love”. Fakher creates his own vibe as he is influenced. There isn’t a limit on what he wants to do; he is creating his real which is likely rare if need to say on mainstream media. The mixtape is his outlet to experiment, and dream and share these dreams with the world.

Speaking of rare; very few rappers have tried to execute on a heavily charged reggae beat – Fakher does this on the Unity assisted “Ready”. As a statement he (Fakher) feels ready to take us higher like the ras man Dem. Which he even admits on “Real Is Rare cypher” by saying: been ready for a reason.

His bros Zagang and others come through to offer support on “Real Is Rare cypher”with a hook saying: it’s a vibe. While listening to this project it’s a vibe that he creates from guitar over trap drums to reggae and more lo-fi rap beats. Fakher is on his way to be amongst the new rappers not afraid to create their own lane with music that they like or influences them.

He is in his element which you can taste on “Crib Wit Tha Crew” as he raps faded in a groove with his signature two-time flow. Real Is Rare is worth the listen with stand out tracks like “Lost Love”, “Ready” and “No One”.

Listen below or on Soundcloud


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