Premiere: Red Cypher – Ruyonga, Ginsu, Josh SB, Barna & Wake

Premiere: Red Cypher – Ruyonga, Ginsu, Josh SB, Barna & Wake

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Red Cypher is here and it is an amazing line up one your imagination could allow you. The Hidden Empire outfit has had its artists show case on almost individual projects. Tracks like Clique from Rodney, 256 from Wake and the recent full length God DNA. On the other side Barna is working on Lens On. Ginsu – has recently sobered up and here is the  Red Cypher.

Call it the best Christian posse cut this year. The five artists in order of performance – Ginsu, Josh SB, Ruyonga, Barna and Wake, offer layers of lyrical dexterity.  They owe it all to the voice of the shepherded. The performance is empowering and quite a surprise (Ginsu)

If you didn’t see this coming, GOD DNA teased a further collaboration. It’s important to focus on Ginsu’s verse for it answers where she has been at, what happened when she was with her old crew. Truth is, what she spits  is a fair revelation.

And that said Red Cypher follows the passion of Christ narrative symbolized through “red”.

The rappers also take opportunity to alert lost and contending rappers they are extremely dangerous and not retired – what it means to be an emcee from Palisa in his own caliber.

As triple or double entendre Red Cypher is a manifestation of the benefits of the passion of Christ and under him rappers are more empowered. They are also figuratively “dangerous”  as regards their craft. Sacrifice is a virtue according to the spirit on this track as envisioned through Christ.

As a fan decoding is what a cypher is meant for. Red Cypher is a project by Red Vibes ran by the renowned Shadrack who pushed talents like Keko and GNL.

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