Rewind of the Year: Travelling into 2016 here is Olugendo by Fasie-A reminder of the Continuous journey

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It is only hours for the year to end if you are reading this. It has been a tough year for hip hop and with many events happening as NuveyLIVE we tried our best to document and inform you on most of these and there. You can call this a happy New Year wish to all our readers, fans and friends. Poetry, hip hop and spoken word throughout the year were flourishing-despite the heavy focus we had on Hip Hop. Enough of that talk though. It has been a long journey and the perfect way to wrap up the year is with FaSiE’s Olugendo. The title Olugendo loosely translates as Journey in Luganda.

The track produced by Lawraid vibes was released on July 2015, a track that highlights the journey FaSiE and her group Luga Flow Army from the get go. FaSiE expresses her sincere gratitude to her fans and acknowledges on this journey she has been on never ends though. Being a femcee she feels it important to put it clear she has contributed to the game in that at the time she was on her come up there almost no femcee daring enough for so many of the rap battles.

Waliyo nga nzi battle Mckenzie ne DMS
zebategekanga Ku Sabrinas//
Ezo nazo nga tetusubwa olaba nange nayingila
ko mu battle nga ze omuwala alimu//

And yes indeed Olugendo serves that purpose in Ugandan hip hop despite being released midyear, we can still resonate with even in the coming years. If you think about it the journey really never stops and with that I wish to let you know this is the last Rewind of the Year, where we go into retrospect and dig out tracks that are probably slept on. This is aimed to awaken many of tracks they might have not listened to a month or years back.

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Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors

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