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Riotous Anthem is a positive collaborative effort of  the young wave of Christian rappers. The song is produced by Lagum of Elevator Music. The approach to the song is distinctively of young urban and hippy rappers; preaching freshness in Christianity.

The song operates well in the title as it is; RIOTOUS! The sort of riot here is the Christ cause and more like an anthem for all those who vibe to Christian rap/ hip hop. It is far from witty lyricism it is an exploration of statement making lyrics.  Race T,Brian Wade,Lyrical Michael,Anton and  Sygi-o all feature on this song. they are all Christian hip hop.

Race T, supports with a rather so laid back persona (not expected) but nonetheless it is  a worthwhile effort. Brian Wade comes off outstanding (doesn’t disappoint) and the rest of the acts ; Lyrical Micheal, Anton and Sygi-o respectively support to the anthem .

Positive energy on the 808s: in its brevity the song communicates and means well  and is worth our data!

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