Gat a man where he at? Where he at? Tucker is mastering the art of humble rhetoric. Rock City Girl is a more definitive title for a song. The reference is to Tororo from the notion it is a rock town. The girl is from Tororo so it makes sense to call her Rock City Girl. The song is produced by Gamit of Titanium Records (who doubles for the hook and production) and the last verse he gives to triple his performance. It is mastered by Samurae of Talent Africa.

Tucker HD was on his regular with this one but distinctly giving the song another approach which works yo! He concentrates on mellow-delivery, which was necessary and he is on his laid back ting. Keino Music gives this track the best energetic performance as a person he tends to paint to prove the point. Gamit enhances or rather complement the song with that Dance hall appeal. We commend this Tucker approach this year and the energy the young artists are bringing!

You will want to sing/rap with Tucker and want to stand out like Keino and be unique like Gamit at the end of your first listen. Bundles won’t be wasted they are worth for this track!

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