Script Writing: Why rappers and poets write better films

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Script writing is at the heart of all audience’s favourite film stories. What it takes to get stories for ideas to the screen is putting pen to paper-or fingers to the keyboard to write a script. Every script begins with a story; an idea that, first spark of something that the writer wants to create for audiences.

Poetry is a form of literary expression that uses language with well organized figures of speech to express feelings or ideas. Rap is essentially rapid singing and speaking that uses rhyme, slang language and musical usually electronic, accompaniment. Poetry and rap share a wide variety of similarities, so much so that it becomes difficult to find where one begins and the other ends. Most people could actually say rap is essentially Poetry. What deals with emotions, uses thoughtful language, is composed with care, and shows off the writer’s creativity is Poetry.

Rappers like St. Nelly Sade are known for telling stories in their songs and you definitely visualize what they are saying like it was a film.

It is quite obvious henceforth that many rappers and poets have the ability to write film scripts. American rapper Ice Cube has written and directed several iconic films including Friday and Friday After Next without having gone to a film school.

Why are rappers and poets capable of writing film scripts then?

Poetry and drama in this case film share a very common quality; they are all fictional stories. Poetry focuses on heightened emotions and relies on imagery to create beautiful and memorable lines that are often appreciated for their elegance and rhythm. Film is based more on dialogue and action than poetry. However they are both essentially fictional. With this similarity, poets and rappers can very easily branch into script writing.

Poetry and film are both performing arts that rely on words to convey meaning. They are both considered open art forms. This simply means that there is no set limit on what can be included or excluded from a poem or film script. No wonder poets come very easily successfully write film scripts as well. Both rap and drama which in this case is film use figurative language. They both take words from the language and arrange words in a particular pattern to achieve a desired effect. There is dialogue in both and a narrators voice.

It is quite evident that there is a very strong relationship between rap, poetry and film especially when it comes to the literary aspects of the three. The obvious similarities make a rapper very capable of writing amazing poetry and also writing successful film scripts.

The three; poetry, rap and film are not very different from each other at all.

Alright, now which songs tell a story you you wish was a film?

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