‘Selecta’ on First Listen- Hey S.T.R.A.P now I get it or Not?

‘Selecta’ on First Listen- Hey S.T.R.A.P now I get it or Not?

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Selecta turn it up, a line that pervades this song  in its first twenty seconds gets me thinking of a party I might be missing or have to be at this weekend. Sloppy as the song gets I am in for more surprises for the next twenty seconds; so, it is forty seconds in and I am certain this is yet another Mr S.T.R.A.P N’ switch up!

Don’t be fooled it’s not really sloppy but almost tended there!

Holla holla nice to meet you mamacita….. a nostalgic feeling of Next level you will get upon listening to the point he starts saying those lines you first read in italics. More sloppiness and highly intended. This isn’t the usual STRAP I concluded. And the verses run on am still astonished. May be this is all a package of the usual? Interestingly it’s Ayodlo who produced this and I think I had got so used to “Byg Kidd on the track!”  

Moving on I realize the influence represented here is raegea-ish, and sounds far from world or is it?. Not from the future but something like harmonies and singing with yet a twist is what I was in for. And who would have thought; the STRAP on Judgment day has been surpassed as regards harmonies and polarizing the hooks. Don’t  hope he switched far from rap ! Yes the bars are drunk or let me say stem from the theme, call it conceptions of Drinks and Convo. Now the essence of Drinks and Convo finally seems to take its shape, as he whines “please bring positive vibes tonight”- I thought of only party,  more drink and more talk.

Well this should be like track three of his forthcoming album and it follows Cheers in that order; another thought hit me. The beat is so laid back its on about 53BPM (I also so my producer friends express that way) – point though is you can groove to this song and dab! Okay Panda people not the new dab but that rabadab ting! as the selecta (DJ) plays the tune. Its also the reason the song is titled Selecta.

On second listen though that’s when I realize there is a narrative far from Sliding thru her Dms or Friend zone but typical of him in a bar or party and he is in vibing good, seeing this Labonita-Keisha! With friends and her friends they could have a good time. Selecta undoubtedly is a “fine ting”  that it is wise to say is an intense fusion of all STRAP’s influences. Shall be back to talk about them and hip hop heads definitely have some to say!

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