After almost three years; SHAWNESDAY is a collection of left out tracks from NuveySHAWN’s debut mixtape , TSN (The Sun Set N’counter). It also features tracks worked on post TSN and most of these tracks are a reaction to certain experiences.  The compilation actually is a conceptualized mixtape with a certain story line and direction to it.

According to the press statement attached to the mixtape zip file; details of the mixtape are given. The three years almost have had NuveySHAWN deal with a bout of depression and other related issues and it is no wonder we had TPPM Event  in April.

Quick info about SHAWNESDAY:
SHAWNESDAY is a clear testament that you can overcome depression and have a stable mental health. All songs free styled, written and performed are inspired by the need to be happy, overcome and air out inner feelings. This project is dedicated to all those going through depressing situations.

The stories shared on this compilation are based on true events and names are altered a little bit to protect the persons mentioned.

Listening to SHAWNESDAY should be a linear process that you could listen backwards and come up with the same outcome: victory and strength over depression. And the conversation is open after the listening process.
Nu Minute the short film will be released later on to carry forward the discussion on Music Therapy and Mental Health.

— Press statement from NuveySHAWN

It is good to know besides blogging and other activities, SHAWNESDAY: My Evening With You Compilation comes off as NuveySHAWN’s second full length and a contribution to the culture. There is diversity on the project which is a journey of a depressed persona vocalized through rap, spoken word and poetry.

A short film titled Nu Minute is under works according to him.

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