About two years ago Shemy  B tried his luck with making music videos for some of his music but he scored only one, Natambula. Which is likely his first ever released music video off his Street Identity album. It was shot by Breezy Beats. Watching it would definitely explain to you the type of rapper he is at the time (2014). Positively of course! The budget itself is reflected even without saying. The work put in as regards the video is only fair enough for an independent artist like Shemy B. This is also likely the time when Breezy himself was landing more presence in Hip Hop Circles. A number of hip hop artist have set the bar for hip hop videos being released for a time earlier than 2014 by the way, but most aren’t as independent as majority of the cats out there.

Moving on…

The new video is an indicator of his growth as an artist and a positive indicator for young rappers like him with economy rather employed more than much resources. Okay expressing that was tough! He operates normally at low budgets but calculated for. In to that later in a future article. The Song Ebilango features Alikaaliba a colleague of his exploring this thing called Luga Flow. The audio produced by Nase Avatar- familiar name right? The video has more employed to it, from the people who star in it and the concepts designated all through.

Toltape films had its hand on the creative work of the video and goodness is the word to say in 2016, reason is simple hip hop artists are embracing more visuals and at least quality ones. Shemy Could try his shot with Trace TV East Africa. But back to the topic, if you look back two years and the current video there is significant growth for him as an artist. The song’s title which simply translates to ‘announcements’ or even a generic translation ‘headlines’, serves its duty to announce the new Shemy B and the street sound visually. AliKalba is equally a talented contemporary and this visual introduces him to people who would love to watch Ugandan hip hop videos.

From quality audio we demand quality visuals and there you go….

Released June 2

Shot by Toltape Films

Audio By Nase Avatar/Port Bell Drive



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