Single Alert: ‘Lalibela’ – AJO , off African Reality

Today, AJO has officially put out the third single off his concept album, African Reality. “Lalibela” is a track calling on people to free themselves from bondage, to free their minds like Lalibela.

Koz N Effekt made the beat for this track and Nase mixed and mastered the track.

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The entire African Reality was written from a pan African point of view, however it cuts across to all those within and out of Africa to live free. We can’t limit colonialism to the African alone- breaking free is essential with African Reality. “Lalibela” ensures of it as a reality that needs to be realised.

Did you know ‘Lalibela’ falls in the Reality section of AJO’s album?

The song like anything the album is, alludes to numerous historical figures and most especially Lalibela, who was an Ethiopian emporer. More still a name of a historical town in Ethiopia.

Ready to take a historical journey get the track below:

Lalibela – AJO

African Reality is available on Sulapay here

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