Several events going on.  Projects are released. Fans cheer, gear even fear sometimes to deal with or talk about certain things. Mental health is definitely one of the topics people never  want to talk about. Mental health can be such a problem that affects many. If nothing is done – we stand to have a breaking society. Some don’t even get the whole idea – MENTAL HEALTH! Psst!

The Sphynx

Depression, stress and other mental health related issues are rarely tabled. Last April we started a conversation and artists like Sylvester, Payne Keelah supported our initiative (Therapeutic Purpose of Poetry and Music). It heart warming to hear/ see artists who are aware of this sacrilege (for lack of a better word) and making efforts to address them.

Get Tested, Use Rubbers

The Sphynx aka Half Lady Half Beast; took to her Facebook account and share insightful information for the general public consume. She touched topics like safe sex, depression, suicide and more.

Read Below it is entirely uncensored to allow the point home:

Of Incurable Viruses and Suicides. We have been laughing all week but this shit could happen to you or somebody you care about. Don’t give up on life while you’re still breathing.
Get Tested, Use Rubbers. If he won’t wear one, kick his selfish ass out. That n*gg* doesn’t care about you!
It shouldn’t take a Celebrity’s death for shit to hit home.
Seek help, It seems easier to suffer in silence and push people away but it’s important to know that you’re not alone. There are professionals, there’s treatment, make your mental health a priority.
Going to Butabika doesn’t mean you’ve lost it. It takes a strong person to want to get better by any means necessary.
Smoking weed all day, abusing other drugs and alcohol will not make your problems go away.
Depression shouldn’t be swept under the rug.
And learn to read the signs, someone close to you is going through a rough time. DON’T IGNORE THEM!

World wide a number of people are mourning the fallen Chester Bennington, lead singer of an American band Linkin  Park; The  Broken rapper’s message resonates with the devastating allegedly reported suicide.

Implicitly she is calling out everyone to be responsible and especially the ladies (she uses the pronoun ‘his’ at least) to  be cautious enough.

Thanks The Sphynx .

Listen to Broken – The Sphynx ft Essie one of her deep songs that has a persona dealing with a depressive past.

Over to you, for your comments.


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