Spotlight Premier: ‘Bonga’ – Joezy UG ft Bih Triz

New young rappers come up daily and have a unique feel and addition to the whole culture. Joezy UG is yet one of those. His latest track Bonga with Bih Triz sounds of new-bie and hunger to explore more.

Bonga is a club themed track with trap drum patterns and arrangement. The two rap about showing love to your day ones by simply rubbing a fist with them gently. Bonga is a street slang/phrase / gesture for greeting especially with known people. It’s often used to show agreement.

Joezy UG has an outstanding performance on the track . Born   Ocen Joshua, and he  is   passionate about music since his tender age. It’s no surprise he has unwavering confidence – Joezy  has participated in various rap battles like the Uganda Rap League where he has managed to walk away with prizes due to his performance.   Bih Triz sounds of novelty that will need polishing. None the less  as a young rapper in his teen years with a deep passion for music and hip hop at large, there is a bright future.

Joezy loves to call his music Club Banger hip hop which of course we know status quo refer to turn up music lately. He derives inspiration  from Big Tril and American rapper Kendrick Lamar.

Listen to Bonga below:

[ [download id=”4224″]  ]

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