St Nelly Sade headlined the recently concluded Uganda Calling Hip Hop Event powered by G Creatives SMC Ltd; with a lot of love and appreciation he took a moment to inspire many young rappers that were present.

The Uganda Calling Hip Hop Event last weekend was highly attended by up and coming rappers, lovers of hip hop and various renown producers in the game. The event was celebrating Ugandan Hip Hop and unveiling talent including the finalists of the call made earlier this year.

Before performing his 2017 Wrap Up St. Nelly Sade told the audience, [Our Paraphrase]: that to make it you have to be persistent. It also may entail finding away to get close to the media personalities in order to get their attention. It might seem like kissing a** but you are trying to secure your song being played on radio. He went a head to say; he had to frequent Sanyu FM till he was finally given a chance to have his music played.

He took time to reveal that the 2018 Wrap Up would have Viboyo featured.

We appreciate St. Nelly Sade’s love for the game and taking time to inspire young rappers.

Watch below:

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