St Nelly Sade releases ‘Wrap Up 2017’ – Listen/Download

Wrap Up 2017

St Nelly Sade the self-proclaimed storyteller has released the Wrap Up 2017 making it his sophomore. This project from St Nelly Sade is proof that lyrics matter.

The 2017 Wrap up highlights the big headlines that kept us talking last year. From the Maasa shooting,  Holy Rice, Death of Lawrence Mukibi (R.I.P) to the Togikwatoko craze. It is probable that St Nelly Sade wrote the project in the last five days of 2017 or the first 5 of 2018. He touched on most important headlines and this time more creatively on a Lawraid beat and production.

Just to show his aptness he hints on being called a rat – and you know the beef that happened between him and Mulekwa or rather was one-sided. If you din’t follow the events here is a wrap up for you.

Listen/Download Below:

Wrap Up 2017 – St Nelly Sade

Tell us what you think he should have added to the wrap up or your favourite line  in comment section. The line on Don Zella, Zari and Sebatta got us cracking

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