Episode 17_ a Day at the Ghetto Film Project

This Episode is not the usual HUL episodes. On this one Shawn spent his day at the Ghetto film project and shared with Nes, Mal X and other acts who were present with love.


Bantu Clan goes Sensual with new ‘Body To Body’

In a few words Bantu clan describe their latest single as: [that ] kind of song that will keep you on the dance flow [grooving] to the sweet sensual seductive groove under the dim lights cheek-to-cheek, palm-to-palm, chest-to-chest and toe-to-toe. We agree more upon listening to it. Body To Body is move away from the usual […]


In case you didnot read Chimey’s Message to Mr Silas aka Babaluku

Many times young artists get through so many challanges such as exploitation, abuse and related evils. In most cases as a result of them exchanging their spiritual, emotional and physical self so that they could achieve success as artists. With hiphop this (as regards the evils) has really never been something thought of or manifested […]