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Watch Ruyonga perform at Lights Out film premeire – shares stage with Eddy Kenzo

Ruyonga, the Spokesperson for Africa performed his songs that featured on the newly released film Lights Out. He was live last evening on NBS TV. He shared stage with singer and performer Eddy Kenzo aka B.E.T award winner. It’s was a spectacle on set. The film premier happened yesterday 15 October an initiative of the Master Card foundation and it’s Africa Works program.

Eddy Kenzo hit the stage first to perform some of his songs from the signature “Sitya Loss” and many more. Moments later, Ruyonga hit the stage to perform “Fire” and “Hand of God” – which features in the film.

Lights Out is a story about celebrated film maker Isaac Oboth who equally shot and directed the film. It looks at the spark that led him to start a rock ban business and later explore film making. Ruyonga provides original music, lyrics and vocals to the film. Also credited is singer and vocalist Afrie.

Ruyonga’s performance was a huge win for UG Hip Hop. Watch courtesy video below:

Lights Out is officially out

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