#ROAD2GLORYFIRE:Brand New ‘Glory Fire’ Ruyonga Ft Robin San & Sonny Sowez

Edwin Ruyonga preferably known as RUU / RUYONGA has been in the kitchen cooking a number of projects which he earlier on this year said will be put together into an album. Glory Fire will be the album title.  As a tradition most albums have a title track and today we got the news from a viable […]

AUDIO NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLIVE Presents Episode 3: Producers Edition| A BaruBeats Night

Helo here is the podcast for Episode 3 where i looked at Hip Hop producers in Uganda and Highlighted BaruBeats Redefinition Project, that Features rappers like Ruyonga,Enygma, Pryce Teeba, Tucker Hd, NuveySHAWN,Cynthia-HEr Ninjaness, Play 1, Timothy Code, Patrobas, Jimmy Atoms, Abaasa, P.I.F(all are Ugandan Rappers/Emcees) NuveyLIVE Presents HipHop Uganda Live Show Episode3|Producers Edition hosted By NuveySHAWN […]

HIP HOP NuveyLive Presents Podcast

NuveyLive Presents Episode 1 -What do You think of Ugandan Hip Hop?

Well on this Episode, I featured Voice notes from Ajo a (Ugandan Rapper), Raz Annonymous(rapper), Josephine(hip-hop enthusiast) and went a head to discuss Ugandan Hip Hop’s position. Its 2015 and we now Have Navio, GNL, Abramz, Lyrical GmC as one Faction on one Side and there is on the other Faction: TuckerHd, TimothyCode, Jayarc, Patrobas, BlizLog, Ajo. Not […]


Victory Lap: the mixtape by @ruyongamusic

This is @ruyongamusic ‘s latest mixtape. He was last weekend in Mukuno premiering the mixtape. To be honest, being honest its that mixtape you need to get. It features kona-rmx heavensent-rmx, and very interesting tracks. Its that positive tape you gotta’ get.