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Visual Alert: S.T.R.A.P-Kid From Zion

The Ugandan rapper based in Wichita, Kansas S.T.R.A.P (Sound That Roars African Pride) has put out the official video for Kid From Zion,track 11 of his latest album Drinks and Conversation. The self expression he has manifests in the video’s direction.

Kid from Zion is a statement of possession; of craftsmanship, skill and heritage that STRAP tends to grab at the end of the day. The symbolic transition in ownership of the portable TV back to him makes the notion valid to him sharing his performance, craft and more as shown in one TV  carried by various individuals. We are served with a two in one video.

The video is Shot, directed, and edited by Thad Swift and Co-directed, produced, and story-boarding by S.T.R.A.P. Audio is produced by Ayodlo.

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