We haven’t been seeing star studded collaborations like the new “Teli Kuzikiza remix”. Tell me when was the last time you had stars on a project with this energy, within UG HipHop?


What sets this project apart in a long time is the subtle passing of the torch to the younger rappers (Navio to Lil Ollo) and also all artistes involved to compete regardless of the eras they come from. The competition is healthy and besides for Ugandan HipHop it is a call for us not to cease that fire that has kept the game alive.

For variety, Lil Ollo speaks most to the younger fans, Da Agent and Feffe Bussi bring a different vibe plus audience – Luga Flo. Flex and Navio equally bring their audience together with this appearance. At the end of the day Ugandan Hip Hop is unified with this energy.

For me seeing artistes of different generations and are stars in the same realm is awesome to watch and a reassurance of the power of posse cuts, working together – remember the UG Cyphers?

Who killed it? I’ll leave that to you .


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