Just like Ruyonga who found and still finds glory in Christ, Brian Wade of Great Music Group chose that path too. The song They Talk A lot is a story  of this young rapper highlighting what he has been through and “.. because of Jesus” he is where he is now. He speaks of how he lost his friends, his dreams as a teen, the negative actions “thought i was  king…” Thus he is humbled in christ so as not to slide into the ever fading path of fame.

What is the Motivation for the song
In his own words he says,
“Lots of things been happening in my life ,and many people have been discouraging me through talking !!but I end up winning and my glory is from the lord not me !

He continues:The song has part of my life story ,the strugle been through.and where am going !! But all my trust is  in God !! Basically in this song I was highlighting part of my story ,to the friends and supporters who are listening to it !!”

The song is produced by Word Exclusive and it has a very domineering #808 like on a trap song by any Trap Lord( Atlas i See you) , and i thought this would affect the delivery of the song however it complements it. He raps with a confident and well composed bars. I HAVE TO WARN YOU; you are most likely to dance to it and slowly will be stuck in his dimension which is what the song is intended.

Reasons why you chose Christian hiphop :
“From way back.I have been in love with hip hop /Rap , so its been my thing ! ,but when I got saved I  understood the real purpose of my creation was to glorify God ,not my self ,and also to point the generation to the right Direction . Since hip hop is the kind of genre am into most ,I had to switch the Gospel into the genre!

So I became a hip hop artiste who does music that gives glory to God and also a person that creates music which can inspire or teach the entire generation . my hip hop is based on the truth and faith   of  Jesus Christ.”

This is positive music, They Talk A lot is off the forth coming album Self Esteem and it is the second single.


I was a dead man living in the flesh/ my friends never knew the way I came from the fire/
they got close to me when they so me going higher/ (yes)hallelujah, Christ my messiah/
speaking telling the truth homie its ma riot /yes, am on fire going far ,miles and hours/

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Connect with Wade:
Facebook : BriandWade
Twitter: @BrianWade_music  Soundcloud

Written by Ayella NuveySHAWN

prepared by NuveyLIVE Editors


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