The reason you may think UG hip hop is DEAD(Part one)

The reason you may think UG hip hop is DEAD(Part one)

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Written by Ayella R.N.

First to cut the bull sht and the probable cow sht Ugandan hip hop is more than alive and if it was close to death, it was only taking a Nap! Since sleep and a nap are a cousin to death. Well that said, do people hate UG Hip Hop in that light to conclude it is dead.

Then, why do you think its dead?

Twitter fingers and the social-Mafias
The increased flux of internet rappers with probably vast social media triggers than content that triggers subliminal material in the sense that; their music doesn’t entail any worthy message and it’s not nice at all.

And yet you will say but they got fans! Yes i know.! With modern tech many artists have embraced it to push their content however there are many illegitimate hip hop artists who really go online claiming to be part of the culture and mention how they have supported it.
Some claim to have mixtapes and albums and yet  you will never hear them. That may not be as bad-so You think so!

I know of ingratitude artists who have made it a purpose to make it a point that we hate them. You may wonder what I mean. Well internet rappers it is, with one or two singles they will crawl your DMs as a marketing strategy or will be all over social media to show how they are big in their-truth is indeed they could be big at getting likes only. But i should strongly confirm real recognise real and so you can differentiate truth culture promoters from culture destroyers/vultures.

It’s funny how many of them cant booth-up  but are good at sending online shots. Interestingly one Facebook comment that made my day a while ago the person wrote: ‘nowadays rappers taking shots, as in screen-shots’  The influx of really unrealistic participants in online chat rooms about the genre or other day-to-day activities really irritate some of the people who seek for UG hip hop and are surprised what their favorite artists do on social media.

There is a podcast on Urban Hype that really highlights on artist packaging i wish many of these twitter fingers get to it. The internet ,people it can be used objectively for the growth of the culture unlike distorting it.

The natural hater status most of us have.
It has proven that this I hate UG Hip Hop attitude has contributed to the increased Ug hiphop is dead syndrome.

I bet your relationship is working if you can’t really love a genre that speaks to the soul (relateable nature), mind(lyrical content), the body(bounce able tracks) and to the heart( emotions are expressed).
And if my aim is to force you into liking the genre i will be like the breed of people i mentioned somewhere above there.

Truthfully many have developed phobia for hip hop because they are converted into thinking it’s just a rugged-rag culture. Funny Made in UG as a notion doesn’t even affect most people, a point in case is when it is easy to hear some one claim how they like music out of Uganda and its hard for them to admit they like Ugandan music. Look at the numbers at an international acts concert and a Ugandan acts show there’s a difference-Why?

It’s funny how you would say you don’t like this and that and at the back of your mind you know you gravitate to Tubale or you vibe to Am a Warrior. Not all content out there could be good to your ears however and no one should press you into liking but one thing is you must appreciate the endeavor rather than shut the door for Ugandan hip hop. The upcoming artists in 2008-11 would testify how it was hard to get a single played without scratching a back.

Read Part two here as i highlight the idea of scratch a back Policy.

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