On a Samurea beat, these two femcees have started 2016 with a new heart hitting song Pound for Pound. The song is one of those songs that you might want to appreciate better if you didn’t look for the side story(if it is there anyway) and you simply get down to looking at the lyrical artistry of The Sphynx and The Ginsu.

I can Have my cake and eat it

The Sphynx of course delivers on this one and showing her ever developing lyrical dexterity to assure a probable hater or beefer, thats why cake is chosen over beef. She comes out with a bossy state of mind which serves her right when she delivers. The Ginsu on the Other hand seems more of an experimental person on this one, she gives the song what it needs- a hook! And still drops her bars that are intended to be volatile to agree more with the theme of the song.

In total it feels like a show performance where The half Lady half beast brings out The Ginsu which is an awesome mental image. Nonetheless its an amazing track, 2016 has started off at least with a femcee song within its first weeks and they ” enjoyed making it”- The Sphynx


Written By Ayella NuveySHAWN



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