Top 20 Ugandan Femcees
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Baboon Forest Entertainment on Aug 3 took to their Facebook Page to share a list of Top 20 Female MCs out of Uganda and the list is not so far from any typical list  that any one quite informed about the genre would make. The  list has both new school acts  (that’s Agee, Shirley, Ninja C, The Sphynx and others) and those who have been around for a while like Lady Slyke, Beckie 256,  Yala, Saint CA and the rest.  This Kind of expression @NuveyLive was recieved gratefully we are just from the NuveyLive Femcee month so you know the deal.

Baboon Forest Top 20 Female Mcs List

. The  C.E.O of BFE GNL  is currently in the States with his heart at home , doing film, networking and more. The list has names that likely might be something of discovery to many new hip hop followers and also curious ones who need to add up to their list. We like the compilation of this list because it looks at  “Representing with Wit, Bars, Lyricism and Stage skills”. 

And according to BFE those are the Top 20 Female rappers “Representing with Wit, Bars, Lyricism and Stage skills”.  In case your best  FeMCee was missed or you wish to have a different arrangement  please leave your message in the comment section.



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