Top Hip-Independence Day play list tracks (Independence Day Play list)

Top Hip-Independence Day play list tracks (Independence Day Play list)

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First of all happy independence day to every body, Ugandan out of the country and is reppin the country through hiphop and Poetry we salute you.

That aside we came up with a list of tracks that we believe inspire us into Loving Ugandan hiphop music and poetry as well. Based in no systematic order.

So Ug by The Mith, this song was released a few years ago and inspired the slogan So UG , hashtag #SoUg followed and so much.

256-PATROBAS it would be a crime to forget this one infact i chose to have the video linked here. When i was asked who Patrobas is a year ago by someone who was inquistive about UG music i told this person “he is that ‘coming out of the 256 guy’ you know the guy” well explaining was hars.

256 is one of those hiphop songs that elevate you into liking to engrave the pearls area code on your back or chest. The spittin on this track was some type away.
Watch below:

Kyendi kyendi-Sylvester n Abramz. This was a sensational song in the mid 2000s that entailed self awareness. The title is a luganda phrase that means I am who i am for that reason we are Ugandan and a hiphop loving country too.(audio below is the remix )

FREEDOM-Ruyonga ft Mo-Roots & The Sphynx not so long ago Ruyonga released his Victory Music project that featured this song, it is still fresh as it sounds poetic as well.

Home Town-AJO it is off AJO’s debut mixsape Rap Music I Sing which is a favorited song to many. The energy on the song is so remarkable as he uplifts his home town kumi. One thing about this song is that it represents the urban life loving Ugandan.


Listen here

UG ON MY CHEST II- Tucker HD ft Benny Black and Sonny Sowez The other version of Ug on My Chest with Tucker and Jay Arc is also a nice one. This version had rotation too.

Not in My Country- Enygma
It is off his Mixtape: The Enygma Machine the song highlights the struggles of a Ugandans especially the youth. As they grow and go through school and lifes’ struggles.

Nva Ntinda-St Nelly Sade this track justifies the fact that rappers are  still proud of their towns and are willing to represent where they are from. The Lyricist paints a picture of his beloved Ntinda(a kampala suburb)
Ps all Songs about Ntinda we recognise them too.
Ntinda boy- Paid in Full
Ntinda-Llyboc and more.


NGALO (HANDS UP)NAVIO yes put your hands up for Ugandas independence and think about the 2009-12s a time when Ugandan hiphop was on a  steady fast rise.

Side zeno- Pryce Teeba Many may want to dispute however whats a celebration without a tune to get you in motion. This song was released about three months ago and has continued to make many love their music and infact Ugandan hiphop.

There is so much Ugandan hip hop out there and we cant satisfy there is more that makes you feel so Ugandan. And for a matter of clarity Listen to Futuristic Past by S T R A P the whole album has Uganda thrown here and there. The Review is coming soon though.
Listen here Strap is a Ugandan rapper based in The US, Kansas.

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