Top Jan Hip Hop + Spoken word releases we loved that you should have by now

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Hello welcome back to NuveyLIVE and before i continue happy new month! I must say that for the sake of Ugandan Hip Hop there is progress coming, honestly you would think the  2008-2010 and to  2012 era has been awakened with the events that unveiled last month. In case you didn’t get any of the songs i will list below it should be well with you at least there are links to each of them. This list has a spoken word entry as well and for more information about the entries use the links in the brackets.

And the top releases last month are?

  1. Calm before the Storm- Tucker Hd (Click more info)
  2. Hands in the Stadium 2.0 (H.I.T.S) – CODE (Click for release info)
  3. Black Monday- Benny Black (Benny releases Black Monday)
  4. Kyina – JAQ Deweyi ft Enygma  (Kyina and exploration well delivered )
  5. Pound For Pound – The Sphynx ft The Ginsu (The only Femcee track we Got)
  6. 01 Pound – Play 01
  7. Wrap Up 2015 – Pryce Teeba ( Read about the events he wrapped up)
  8. Drink Party – O.P.U aka Koboko Boy ( Late release But finest visuals we received)
  9. Rusha- King Kaka Ft Navio  and Jay Moe ( EA’s Finest on a collabo With TZ artists)
  10. Mbaawe – 207
  11. The Reminder – Mike256 (formerly known as Play)
  12. Yudah – Bantu Clan
  13. Fit to Lead – George The Poet  produced by Mike256 (Spoken word)
  14. Listen- S.T.R.A.P ft Big Sam (highly slept on track last month by the way)
  15. Revolutionary Bars – Bana Mutibawa ( Bana Wont rest till change comes)

The List was made up by looking at the performance of the tracks themselves online and other media. None the less we all know or should know tracks of 1-5 had good rotation in a short time  Kyina is the less hip hop joint and Fit to lead is the spoken word entry.

Drink Party Video:

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