Top UG Hip-Independence Playlist 2017

Top UG Hip-Independence Playlist 2017

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In this year’s edition of the top hip-independence (hip hop inspired Independence Day) playlist; we have interesting entries that we think really deserve to be mentioned. Year to year we do curate this playlist as a way for us to show we can celebrate Uganda’s independence through hip hop. We also aim at limiting the barrier between hip hop fans and the rest of the citizens. At the end of the day we appreciate Ugandan art and hip hop is yet one of them – besides these selected tracks have a vibe, a sensation so Ugandan that we wish to emphasise and celebrate.

Happy Independence Day everyone and before we dive in this playlist; I would like you to ponder what your ideal playlist would be. Leave your comment in the comment section and for now let’s get into this playlist.

This time round we made the playlist in a thematic way so as we see the angle of curation. This is an in-depth playlist.

Top Hip-Independence Playlist 2017 Disc One


For all the cyphers listed it is one word: Unity and more Unity as Ugandans. The red cypher shows a religious relationship amongst everyone. The Vuqa cypher offers unity alongside diversity for you know there were dance hall artists, and various rapping styles. Form the ethnic point of view we need to celebrate our ethnicities and GT Cypher sure puts that in perspective. Nine rappers from Gulu represent the Northern region. It’s all about Unity and love as hip hop and country at large.

National Pride and sport

I Love Uganda-Brian Wade ft. Andy Serwadda: It is self-explanatory we all need a sense of national pride and this track is one of those joints to push that. Brian Wade and Any Serwadda push the agenda of loving the country. This is the only freshly released track which you can get here >>>

Home-PCY, O. Kreezy, Deezy Kristu and Draei: There is no place like home – FACT! Besides being one of the best tracks off Hip Hop Boot Camp Vol. IV it is one we all have to cherish. Uganda our homeland and wherever we come from within the nation is home because: “Ngang dong ngang” [Home remains home].

Misinde-Keko: Kiprotich,  and others have managed to represent Uganda through sport. The Uganda cranes too are pushing forward our national pride and Misinde [Sprint] samples Grace Nakimera’s kawonawo. The sense of healthy competition is echoed and we thought to link sport to it. Besides we likely have the best rappers in the world. The track is off Keko’s Love From Venus mixtape.

Continental placement

Black Drums-Owabajja ft. Byg Ben: The drum, matter of fact African drum defines and signifies an African sound and heritage always. On this track the percussion experience is offered by the two rappers. The sense of African pervades the track.

Transcend-AJO: to make the point complete we added this track. This is the epitome consciousness at 360. This track calls for pan-Africanism and as a country Uganda has had campaigns like that subtly for example the Buy Uganda Build Uganda. The track samples Patrick Lumumba and Kwame Nkrumah. It’s more like a reminder that Uganda is African country still conscious.Transcend


  • Sitidde-Mon Mc

  • Dreaming in Colour-GNL Zamba

  • Kyendiba-Ntinda Movement

These tracks are what keep us sane. The pride Mon Mc had on saying he is not afraid (Sitidde) to go through whatever is out there is a sentiment many share. We also won’t act like everything is okay; Dreaming in Colour puts in motion the world of a ghetto dweller, a low life trying to make ends meet. Might be judged and yet the conditions are what limits there growth. Ugandans have dreams and so does the track Kyendiba try to give an optimistic vibe to help many keep the dream. All that might be a waste if one doesn’t plan and that is why Simba Ensigo seals the deal here.

Political consciousness

First Family-The Mith: We likely added this track due to its sampling of Tamale Mirundi. First Family spews of loyalty, an acknowledgement of politics and keeping it real.

Bobi Wine-Pryce Teeba: This track was in works before Bobi Wine aka Hon Kyagulanyi was elected into parliament. Pryce was sharing comparisons and he felt like he is rap’s Bobi wine and mayor at large. Right now as a leader Bobi Wine is a leader looked up to and it will be had to separate the sentiments on the track as political of inspiring.

Bobi Wine

Honarable Muuki-Savivor: As some leaders are worth the tax payer’s money, Honarable Muki is that track that calls upon people to hold politicians accountable and as hip hop – our political consciousness is good for the nation. We couldn’t find any reason than what is mentioned to add this track. Celebrate the independence knowing leaders need to be held accountable for any ills.

Social critic and commentary

Kapanka-Bantu ClanThe song is inspired  by a Busoga folklore Kapanka.  Information from Bantu Clan about the song states that; this song aims at uplifting and creating a sense of unity among Ugandans. Hard work and consciousness surround this song.

Musege – Pryce Teeba: There have been recent Killings in Entebbe and other areas of females some labeled as prostitutes and the like. Some find themselves vulnerable. This track doesn’t look at events that way. Musege looks at the situation a man finds himself vulnerable in the hands of a woman who robs them of their property at the end of the day. This could happen to anyone. Materialism is on a high and we felt this track amidst other things address society and as a country we need more social critics.

Bitter Past – Tushi polo: ideally this track is the most slept on with the heavy message it has. Bitter Past has Tushi Polo, telling a story of a girl boxed in and given little or chance to voice her story. The pain of rape, betrayal, loss of innocence and pretentious motive all are in the track. Even we had a conversation with Tushi on the NuveyLive Podcast Episode 10 she went dodgy. We could have placed this track under female confinement but we think it fits here very well.

Kyabuswavu remix –Rugged ft. Benny Black, Sylvester, and Zyanda Strange  with Crack: From Luganda Kyabuswavu means it is a shame or it’s shameful. The rappers talk issues from family strife, corruption, leadership, and poverty and community betrayal. Marginalisation as well is echoed. When you think of it: aren’t these some of the things we suffer from. But as Rugged asks on this track: Who is gonna change the country?

Top Hip-Independence Playlist 2017 Disc two


Ebinchoma-Shemy B: The Luga flow artist Shemy is quite a vocal rapper who embraces the street identity approach to uplift and change communities. On this track he makes bitter feeling about the ills of Ugandan rap. The previous category would fit but well as a country there are individuals who love to express what they feel and what they have experienced – this is that track. We still have citizens like this. R.I.P Rokim this track calls back raps fallen heroe. Ebinchoma is a fusion of Luganda and Swahili to mean ‘what hurts me’.

NTM Backwards-Llyboc: Kind of Brokenness would have made it here but we felt this was the bitterest track from Llyboc. He addressed his anger and observation. The track makes it to our list for the name droppings that make those who have no idea the persons mentioned are make an effort to know them. In Uganda freedom of expression is granted and you don’t have to agree but respect one’s argument is important. Hip hop always achieves that.

Sharapova-Chief: Similar to the previous entry, there always conflicts due to back stabbing and the like. Chief was angry and made a diss track addressed to Benezeri – why we added this is the reference to political figures like Frank Tumwebaze and Kizza Besiege “who is scary?” The whole point of expressing yourself when you don’t agree with something is important. None of these folks went physical and a country we are tired of the violence – expressions should insight violence.


Nvuga Kampala remix-Pryce Teeba ft. Delboy, Flex D’Paper, Mickey SoLow, and Habo: If you watched the video to Nvuga Kampala Remix you would appreciate the exploration of the capital. Music and other arts are a perfect platform to explore cultural heritages and this track embraced and celebrated Kampala just like the predecessor Nvuga Kampala original. The lyrics are so Kampala and if only KCCA would take it as a theme song for the Kampala city carnival hip hop would be glad.

Safari-Keko ft. Patrobas:No need to worry, just hit me up whenever y’all free“are the introductory lines for this track. Our airlines need to add such relaxing tracks to their playlists. Safari means a journey especially vocational journey. Keko talks of various tourists’ destinations in Africa (Mali, Ghana, Ethiopia and more) showing that Uganda supports the continent. Patrobas with this one celebrates the women from Uganda and the beauty of the country and welcomes those who don’t know for a detour into the blessed nation.

Border collaboration

Rusha – King Kaka Ft. Navio & Jay Moe: we were still talking about Africa right? Let us narrow it down to East Africa. Uganda is in the East African Community and that means collaboration with the east African countries. Rusha offers us the opportunity to celebrate the border to border musical collaboration.  This is also an international gesture as well.

Talk of the city-Brian Wade, Massin and others: Brian Wade worked on Talk of the city with various Southern African artists. Many might have missed this project but it one of those that extend the humility of Uganda throughout Africa.

Diaspora still represents

No Sleep-Ciddy ft. Tucker HD and Benny Black: This track is off Ciddy’s mixtape Last Train Home and that already suggests he did the project away from home. Ciddy and Benny are too put it humbly Diaspora artist. This means that home is always still at heart because they work with Tucker who is within the country. They say no sleeping on the job you have to hustle regardless where you are.

Kid from Zion-Strap:  “UG to the death of me … bring together Africa” open up this track and immediately you know it is brother spitting. Kid from Zion documents the plight of one Strap from Africa and to specific Uganda living overseas. This track is one that you could say emphasises to keep it real – isn’t that the essence of patriotism no matter where you go?

Love in the 256

Queen of Katwe-Payne Keelah: The track is named after the film Queen of Katwe and Payne Keelah exploits the title to describe that one beauty that is adorable to him. Besides the metaphoric references and explicit nature of the lyrics Katwe as a place is recognised. In other words our country has amazing talents from Katwe and beyond.

Kiwani-Papa Stein ft. Sayanide and Omulenzi Caution: If you think Musege should be here then Kiwani does the idea justice. This track is a story of two men who met fake women with unreal physical features. The whole idea of being cautious and conscious of a love partner is echoed. A number of times on different media platforms issues of strife are raised. Caution and Sayanide give us warning before we get involved in love relations.

Omukwano-Cleo The Sphynx: Released a few years ago, Omukwano is one of The Spyhnx timeless tracks besides broken. The track tells of a lady in a relationship that she wishes and manages to control to her liking. A woman who tends to flip the cards is suspiciously looked at and this track is the liberty for females to have love relations that work for them not to stoop too low. So if you are not willing to commit to a Ugandan woman – hit bye!

Hair Down-Sliq Teq ft. Felipe: There are Ugandan men willing to do anything for their women and Sliq and Felipe rap and sing respectively about that. Ugandan valentines can also be informed by a hip hop track isn’t it?

Hair Down Cover Sliq Teq ft Felippe

Females still marginalised ?

Female Hustle-MC Ivy, Kayton & Shirley May: This is self-explanatory as our country keeps growing women are called upon to empower themselves. Independence resonates to female as well. Even when there are few female rappers in the country there is need to empower more and encourage them and this is a national duty. This track comments on the state of females’ at large beyond hip hop but through it.

Tusula Kumwezi-Shirley May: It is young lady rapping on this track and that is what is important. Shirley May speaks of a party time, the thrill of having fun and all. What is unique about this track is that even females have a space to celebrate right?

Pretty Gals- Race T ft. Zabuli, MC Roy and Lady Bezo: If the women and young girls are empowered they can have a good time and feel good. That is true; Pretty Girls also says they have to know they are pretty or rather spectacular. Ugandan women are beautiful and as the four artists on this track say most love Jesus.

What’s a UG without fan or celebration?

Man of the year-Jwatts: This track came towards the end of last year and was slept on but it is sure party starter. Man of The year documents a typical Ugandan’s joy after a day’s work or even year’s work. Ugandans surely party a lot or rather love to have a good time and that’s what independence should be about. We have a banger to vibe to.

Mbawe-207: You remember Ragga Dee with Mbawe well this track shares a little of that. 207 simply have fun on this track that surely captures the dancefloor playlists. Ugandans love to shake or have good vibes at almost all times as they make ends meet.

Funk animal – Sarge Mobbin: This is another party track which is blended with dancehall and EDM beats to make it a cross over track. As said above this gives a Ugandan vibe with the lyrics and beat.

Demographically speaking

Y & F-Strap ft. Lucia and Samuel David: Uganda’s population stats say; the youth are the majority. Now this track is a groove on the dance hall type but we chose to put it individually here. As a nation with young people it nice to have a good time and aspire to steer the country to a direction that ensures growth. As we celebrate the 55th Independence Day jubilation – young people need to appreciate what is within – they create the future for this country.

Well we have come to the end of this piece and happy Independence Day. Remember this playlist is curated to what we think and you can let us know what your ideal playlist would be like below:

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