As the country UGANDA is only counting down a few hours to the highly anticipated and overrated elections of the Presidential candidates and Members of parliament (tomorrow 18th February, 2016) , country-wide messages of peace have been asked for by many stake holders and peace-loving entities. The circumstances of violence are not lovely at all and therefore would affect the climate in the country that includes investment, education and other fields. According the a report by African bank the entertainment industry has a potential to employ more youth who are highly unemployed.

You can then agree more with Navio’s argument or view. If you relate with that report and Mr. The Chosen you find the need for peace which if tampered with might see us come short of the benefits which include making of good music. As a rapper he embodies the voice of many involved in the field that himself is.

We  wish you a free and fair election for whichever candidate you vote with peace and integrity.




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