Va Mu Tulo

Va Mu Tulo is the latest addition to Aethan’s project The Aeth Way which has been years in the making. If there is something so unique about Aethan it is natural selection and consistency.

Aethan is definitely waking up everyone which is in the title of the track: ‘Va Mu Tulo’ which loosely translates to, Wake up or stop slackening. Besides creating a competitive environment the track calls unto anyone concerned to stay woke in this ever competitive world.

Va Mu Tulo is yet an amazing all-star line up; Pryce Teeba, Byg Ben, Atlas, Flex D’Paper and Sheila Wya. The production is an unexpected direction which comes off sonically nourishing. Aethan blends the typical hip hop feel with somewhat dance music sounds. He layers it with on-time samples and soothing guitar.

Pryce, Byg Ben and Atlas deliver unwaveringly sleek verses and Flex alongside Wya offer the track a memorable hook: Va Mu Tula, ey Va Mu Tulo ey gwe va mu tulo.

It’s no doubt this is track has a high performance potential given the top-edge production Aeth gave it and the cross-genre appeal it has.

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