Why Artistes need a Website

Why Artistes need a Website

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A website is a collection of publicly interlinked webpages that share a single domain name. A website can be created and maintained by individual, group, business or an organization to serve a variety of purposes.
Establishing an online presence for your music and brand is an absolute must. Social media is not enough for musicians starting their music career in todays digital land scape.

With social media and streaming services are easily accessible. You may have a great online presence overall, but why do need a Website as an artist?
Having your own music website appears professional, it’s a signal that you take your music career serious. One of the best ways to build an authentic relationship with fans. Every artist needs to have a website, the internal technology is a new way for marketing one’s self.

There was a period when Artists weren’t convinced that they needed a website, seeing it as a nuisance and not fully understanding the benefits of having one.” Those days are long gone.
But yes, you will say you have a number of social media handles like twitter, Facebook, Instagram and music apps where you upload your music like Spotify, Apple music are not enough to market your music to the world.

Get a damn website

ART.art give irrefutable reasons why you need a website:
Copy Right Protection:
Your music is a personal investment of time, money, effort. Having a digital library of your music albums will save a lot of infringements, incase of any issues connected in court about your music and any other artist.

Develop personal Brand:
With millions of music artists out there, making the competition tight, people are finding ways to out compete other artists one of the ways is having a website so as you build your brand. The features designed on your website show the public who you are, and what your music is all about.

Solidify your credibility:
Having a website helps to build your credibility as a professional rather than a hobbyist. People expect to find music albums of a well-known artists. If someone looks for your website and discovers you don’t have any of this hence it may send off a wrong message. If one has a website, you can use it to build credibility in Digital Space and improve reputation.

Be visible and easy to contact:
With business contacts and links to social media accounts make it easy to potential clients to contact you plus booking slots are also available on the website.

Boosts your Growth and sales:
Having your own website means you don’t have to compete with countless people on the music apps and social media. I will talk to you about competition in a built key, in that it allows you to optimize your website inline with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
When you optimize your content on your website for SEO, your music content is ranked on google. This will boost your visibility make it easier for more people to find your music.

Make your business shine online with a customized music website designed by a professional designer. One of the music websites you can use to design your website as an a, Behance, Wertist is Bandzoogle, WordPress, Dribble, flow and many others.

GNLZamba.com displays albums and more information. Its a central home for his work and a good promotional tool

The following are the steps to follow while creating an artist/musician website

*Choose a music website template
*Create a color palette
*Choose your fonts
*Organize your navigation
*Add your information in bio
*Create pages for your music website
*Create an EPK
*Sell your music on website
*Choose a domain name
*Optimize your website for google search
*Promote your music website online

Bandzoogle gives more detail on this here

In the event social media websites are down a website is a good place for your fans to reach you.

Picture source sooner Music

When you acquire a website, make sure it’s always updated. Don’t think that just because your social media pages are up dated that you don’t have to update the website too. People will come view your website or visit it to see what’s happening but not what happened five years ago.
Link your website to all social media pages so that visitors move freely between them easily as possible. Use your social media handles to drive them to your website.
Present yourself and your music in a way that any one can understand. Organize your music in ways that are easily appreciated and accessed.

There are elements that should never miss on your website like high quality photos, social media accounts, access to listen to your music, bio, logo, graphics, embed your videos, contact page, upcoming shows or tours.

It’s key for every Artist to have a website because one has a portfolio of their work, easy to sell their works and utmost it’s a sign of professionalism hence meeting diverse needs and interests of music fans. In the event social media websites are down a website is a good place for your fans to reach you.

In the words of one Twitter user @BigSto who preaches getting a central home for your work:

Get a damn website!

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