Will Tucker (@TuckerHDMusic) make another toast’ this year?-We loved it When he Did last Year!

Will Tucker (@TuckerHDMusic) make another toast’ this year?-We loved it When he Did last Year!

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The talented Tucker HD last year had a round of projects coordinated together to give off the final product Tucker Tuesdays Compilation which of course was put out for free. It being a mix tape it included: different tracks such as Boy Friend, UG on my chest (both part one and two), ft Jay Arc and Benny Black & Sonny Sowez respectively. It was well coordinated a project for him last year (2014) and well the year is already getting to its last moon.
Looking back at the energy of the previous year I truly should clarify to you that if Ugandan Hip Hop Awards existed he would be scooping an award regardless the category. A member of the Talent Africa backed AirporTaxi he surely has shown prominence ever since the birth of the group. The same energy is highly comparable with his former college, LLYBOC’s PTLO (Prior To Lift Off) however you will find the difference in flavour as regards content.

“Bout to get dirty yellow pigs in the house you dig? /
This one is for dudes running they mouth/
You don’t want the taxi park right in front of your house/
Am the nice guy mothers warn their daughters about -you dig?”

Tucker had a day for himself or we should say a Tuesday every week to share with his funs and well it insanely ripped off. He jumped on the beat to the song They Don’t Love you no more to give Toast to 2014 as away to show his gratefulness and putting the year behind to prepare for the new year.
So we are wondering will he do something like that for he has been on not so many projects this year without mentioning if he is working on something solo. Well that may not be the big deal, but we think we would truly love Tucker to make it more of a sequel and thus toast to 2015 to. Who wouldn’t want to follow a rap sequel?

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