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Hello There! is a Ugandan Entertainment , talent discovery magazine which focuses on telling Ugandan stories.  Created at a time there wasn’t a fair media platform to document and narrate events as they happened in Hip Hop, Tech, and more. is Narratively Hip Hop | Tech and Money

Thank you for visiting us.  What makes us what we are, is: that we are artists ourselves and we use our experiences to help those to yet experience what it means to believe in these three genres. What it means to be part of these kinds of communities. We consider the fifth element of Hip Hop as key to our existence: Knowledge. Kick it with us! We have critics, enthusiasts, podcasters and more. We also talk about technology  and money.

Now lets tell you really about NuveyLive : is an informative and entertaining website/blog and  Ugandan Hip Hop, Tech stories  and more. aims at uplifting the Ugandan Hip Hop and related genres, provide tech and finance information by creating interesting content and yet still highly entertaining and educative.

All the latest events, music releases and important UG Hip Hop updates come live here. The website takes on a more narrative tone of voice offering opinionated articles and balanced hip hop journalism. Media came to existence due to the passion Ayella ‘NuveySHAWN’ Robert  Founder of NuveyLIVE, had for Poetry and Hip Hop and his desire  to empower  youth.

For Music, poetry, Tech and article submissions. Send yours to with a clear subject line identifying your submission. [read submission guidelines] Contact  Here


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