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Rey Macc drops “Can You Imagine” feat. J Wats and Isaiah Misanvu – Your bae needs to listen now

When Rey Macc lines up artistes it’s hard to imagine below average work. Rey Macc on new “Can You Imagine” lines up long time collaborator J Wats and Isaiah Misanvu for a love ballad. The trio remind us of the power they exhibited on “Familiar” off Rey Macc’s Feedback EP.

In a conversation with Rey Macc last month he revealed that a number of singles will be dropping this year including this new single. Rey revealed some projects needed sample clearances for them to drop and man the line up is so exciting. NuveyLive is not yet in position to reveal these projects coming until the TrendSetter permits.

“Can You Imagine” is purely a love – song rnb meets hip hop kind of vibe. It evokes that road trip feeling with your bae, car windows down (doesn’t matter if it’s a taxi” and the Ugandan sun gently falling on skins. The eloquent delivery of “The Man of the Year” singer and rapper along side Isaiah Misanvu’s unique vocals compliment the canvas Rey offers with hook and beat.

In the mood for some good loving, can you imagine what songs to play? You are in luck here is new “Can You Imagine”


Naxa has released bossy “Trends” visual off Legacy Mindset EP – Watch

The consistent and hardworking rapper Naxa in new visual says he follows no “Trends”.

“Trends” is the latest single off Naxa’s Legacy Mindset EP dropped earlier on this year. The Gavin DK directed video blends dance and symbolic references to send the message home. At one moment, it’s a shoe stepping on Naxa’s head, then he plays golf (acts like) and then he is on a cross. Several cuts of dancers blend in on the drill charged song.

Naxa on every video attempt tries to tell a story or at best be cinematic and on this project he pushes further the “legacy mindset” – and to build a legacy one first needs to operate in that state of mind. He showcases boldly, reminding us that he won’t stop crafting.

Watch him boss up below:


Navio and Shena Skies out “Rare” visual off Vibes Out The East EP

Some kind of lovers are rare to find: Navio and Shena Skies tell us exactly that on this new banger “Rare”. The visual has been released a few days apart from the premier of the single off Vibes Out The East EP. The bEast African is using this new collaboration to set the pace for the EP.

Shena Skies apparently is now a go to favourite song writer in the game right now. Navio who has been on top for a number of times is making sure he gives us vibes that will represent EA out to the world.

Watch the Sasha Vybz directed visual below:


Watch 1DER JR in new “SAVE MY SOUL” visual

1Der JR has consistently offered so many visual work this year – as part of keeping in touch with his fans and also keeping sane since the lockdown plus the gospel going out to the masses. The “Save My Soul” visual is his latest release off Keeper of The Flame mixtape.

A story of triumph that amounts from faith and perseverance in all trials and tribulations is what this new video offers. “Save my soul” as a song looks a weak human begging for God’s mercy to save him/her from the human endeavors. Coupled with the visual; a porter from a construction site, turned fisher to making it big on the television is one way of looking at the story offered.

We commend 1Der Jr for this effort to tell stories visually in a time when Artistes don’t seem to add artistry to their work.

Watch below:


Listen to the cinematic Back Seat mixtape by L€VI

Back Seat is L€vi’s latest full length project. The producer and rapper offers a boom bap meets modern Hip Hop on this 10 tracks mixtape with distinct samples and melodies. It offers a taste and insight in his world. He raps political, to self made kind of vibes, the grind pays tales too. He features fellow members of Zagang.

It is pertinent that Back Seat is L€vi’s current canvas to paint his aspirations, life and inspiration. One moment you will hear him “Mobbing like ASAP” a comment on the Mafioso persona. The project becomes cinematic because of the soundtrack ready tracks as he tells stories from Namuwongo back in the day, getting off and back on his feet. Life off and on the edge.

The tape is up and close and mostly personal. Yes it’s him in the back seat regardless whether it’s a Safe Boda as symbolised by the track “Martin Luther Whip”. L€vi also offers his unique stories that we can relate to, wordplay and an open love for samples on most of the production. The samples are from all over the world as he gives us a global village feel from a Ugandan taking UG stories to the world. When you here the Ziggy Dee sample then you know that L€vi aimed for the iconic with Back Seat.

Listen to Back Seat below:

L€vi who is born Levi Lemi is a member of the group Zagang. His journey goes back as early as 2016. Connect with him here