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Rey Macc drops “Can You Imagine” feat. J Wats and Isaiah Misanvu – Your bae needs to listen now

When Rey Macc lines up artistes it’s hard to imagine below average work. Rey Macc on new “Can You Imagine” lines up long time collaborator J Wats and Isaiah Misanvu for a love ballad. The trio remind us of the power they exhibited on “Familiar” off Rey Macc’s Feedback EP.

In a conversation with Rey Macc last month he revealed that a number of singles will be dropping this year including this new single. Rey revealed some projects needed sample clearances for them to drop and man the line up is so exciting. NuveyLive is not yet in position to reveal these projects coming until the TrendSetter permits.

“Can You Imagine” is purely a love – song rnb meets hip hop kind of vibe. It evokes that road trip feeling with your bae, car windows down (doesn’t matter if it’s a taxi” and the Ugandan sun gently falling on skins. The eloquent delivery of “The Man of the Year” singer and rapper along side Isaiah Misanvu’s unique vocals compliment the canvas Rey offers with hook and beat.

In the mood for some good loving, can you imagine what songs to play? You are in luck here is new “Can You Imagine”