AJO “Regicide” : ‘The King is Back’

AJO “Regicide” : ‘The King is Back’

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AJO is back.

Well, the last time we received music from AJO (Ariong James Oscar) was in 2019 with “Won Off” and some freestyles during the Lockdown (2021).

The rapper known and appreciated for his razor-wordsmith writing plus delivery is here in Viking style: a king who has returned for his spot. “Regicide” is his official single and first main release in two years.

The “No Apologies” rapper AJO is a competitive artiste, and this new song brings that competitive energy. For higher level lyricism and thought provoking music he is here.

“Who wants to be King?” is the dramatic opening by Ragnar Lothbrok (Vikings); it is followed immediately by AJO rapping: Lord forgive them they don’t know Kings – setting the atmosphere for “Regicide”. AJO ideally is talking to his fans and these rappers.

Braggadocio is part of the DNA of rap (the oldest theme in Hip Hop music), one has to show their skill set. For “Regicide” is for everyone in their element, feeling number one. It is fan if’ done creatively.

That said, as a responsible leader, Ugandan Hip Hop statesman and artiste AJO has announced his presence. He is letting everyone know he is back, more skilled, sharp and confident.

Kinging season is here!

We are starting the last week of April (25) in royalty.

Over to you, I am completing todays tasks listening to this track.

Oh Haile ‘King’ AJO. Tap in and let us know what you think.

Listen below:

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