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4 new songs from Rey Macc feat. Man Lee, 3ROS, A1 Fresh, Byg Ben & B Flex

Rey Macc is in the zone utilising his creative juices to share Behind The Beat production sessions as well release music almost back to back. For the past two weeks he has dropped two singles and days ago two more singles. Seems like he is going to release a number of singles almost every weekend.

The latest of these four tracks is “Don’t You Say” feat. B Flex which was preceded by “Split” with Byg Ben. Two weeks ago he also dropped “Super Natural” featuring Man Lee, 3ROS and also dropped “All About” with A1 Fresh.

Rey has worked on numerous projects this year as a singer, rapper and producer. He has worked on Lamu’s EP, Crucial Combinations “Open Time” and his personal projects more projects .

Listen to all new songs below:

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Solome Basuuta and St. Nelly-Sade make “Love Lead ” the way

Solome Basuuta has teamed up with St. Nelly Sade for “Love Lead”. The two first shared cover art without details a week ago as they build the buzz for the project. The internet was to quick to congratulate Solome and Nelly (😍). Earlier on today we discovered the single had been released and image earlier on shared had info of the song produced at Tag Studios by Sam Lamara aka Samurae.

The song seeks for love among us. “Love lead” is a statement that we need to put love first and let it take control – all sorts of love are important. In a world where it is easy to front hate, “Love lead” says otherwise.

What do you think of the song?


Watch “Ngenda Gamba Maama Wo” – DA AGENT

“Ngenda Gamba Maama Wo” is a phrase in Luganda to mean ” I am going to tell your mother”, which was popularised by MTN’s wear it for me campaign. Da Agent has ceased this opportunity to create a song around the phrase to talk to a lover instead of how if she doesn’t take him in he most likely will tell her mother.

Watch lyrics video below:


That Malcom Guy revamps Ziggy Dee’s classic “Eno Mic” feat. Kloud Dipo x Keya Nemesis

Almost 13 years ago, Ziggy Dee released the classic “Eno Mic” and years that follow the song gets more and more fresh to the ear. There is even a consensus on how the song can win best Ugandan song intro of all times no matter the awards. The opener ” I live my life like a superstar, blessed are those who believe…” is forever legendary.

That Malcom Guy teamed up with Kloud Dipo and Keya Nemesis to give the song their touch of dancehall, gengetone and trap feel as first; fans and then artists themselves. This is homage to the mighty Ziggy Dee, who often says music didn’t really pay him that much but as regards respect this song is one that brings that forward in abundance.

To accompany this remix is a lyrics visualiser.

Listen to project elsewhere here


ENEF employs AJO on new “Immortals”

ENEF who got mainstream buzz for his verse on YKee Benda’s “Bomboclaat” teamed up with AJO on “Immortals” to offer Godly flows. They shit on every rapper and anyone who is not going with the programme. It’s one braggadocio outlet for these two creatives. AJO revealed how the project come together before the Corona hit. …