Toobi SMOLZ, Cwrote and Stayput are taking it “To The Top” – Listen

Toobi SMOLZ, Cwrote and Stayput are taking it “To The Top” – Listen

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How far can you go?

No one wants the bottom, so we all aim for the top.

Toobi SMOLZ, C’Wrote and Stayput share on what’s like coming from the bottom to taking to the top on new song produced by Levo.

They express being the best and staying up regardless because they won’t stop now.

Toobi SMOLZ switches his flow with the double time and says only a woman can be on top of him while C’Wrote is back to reaffirm his position as one of the best putting the game inline. Stayput comes with the god mentality.

The stance here is to show the journey already started for them being best at what they do – it’s that mantra type of song, one to sing while striving for greatness.

The Luo boys from Gulu and Lira respectively have fun on this one.


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