The Ledra produced HATI is stuck on my mind

The Ledra produced HATI is stuck on my mind

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There is beauty in chaos right now…

That’s exactly what “Hati” means in Kiga or Runyakole related languages. Ledra was in his bag for this one. “Hati” features Triggah aka Afriqan DNA, Peypah and Joge over a house, drill, trap meets local tom toms infused beat with.

You might have heard American Rapper Uzi Verts “I wanna Rock”. There’s a semblance. That dance rapid drum takes on the hook sung by Ledra as a backdrop. “Hati” is a mixture of popular to very niche based sounds to Ledra exploring new possibilities.

There’s a danger of having so much to serve, chaos; this is the exception!

The sound is infectious, the multi lingual flows are engaging from Itesot (Triggah), English (Peypah) to Luo/Acholi (Joge) moving delivery. The song is about love, selflove, turning up and having a good time NOW, not later. Like they always say the future is now. This is the type of song the DJ plays last, over and over to end the night of the other way round.

Get your dancing or jumping shoes on hati

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