Sparo UG is big on “Loyalty”

Sparo UG is big on “Loyalty”

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How many of us have real friends?

Real relationships with people who ride for us? Do we take time to reflect on these things?

Sparo UG ponders whether his girlfriend and other people around are loyal because as the hook goes, he is big on loyalty.

“Loyalty” is the latest from the Kumi born (10th October 1996) and raised rapper. Samuel Onapakol professionally known as Sparo UG is an award-winning Rapper, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, and CEO of. Samuelona Music Group – SMG.

Sparo is often vocal even in his music, this project allows him to talk about people flipping on each other, people treating you differently here and their not meaning their word.

He boldly asks: Are you my friend or my foe?

We know that answer rarely comes to us, so we have to see through people.

Sing along below:

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