Visuo gives us a taste of self improvement on new EP Better Man

Visuo gives us a taste of self improvement on new EP Better Man

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Just a few weeks from the release of “Switched Up” featuring Gold Dust aka Golo of Heart of Golo and Kedar; Ivan Visuo released Better Man EP last month.

We all struggle to work on ourselves, to ensure we can reap the benefits of self improvement in all spheres of our lives. It is definitely not the easiest thing, but with consistency we can be in a better place each day, with some draw backs but we keep going.

Better Man opens with “Blessed” presenting a grateful Visuo, a human happy for all the wins in his life like counting money, [I am Flex] and others.. This is followed by “ATTE” featuring MAFB and polarizing and yet creative Tkon Preezy. The three reflect on relationships with people who are liars, not loyal at all.

It is easily the standout song alongside “Zone”, “Better Man” and of course this may change after more listens.

The tape goes on with Visuo reflecting further on life with “Ma Life” inviting producer, singer and rapper Mio Made.

On lighter scale, Visuo born Ivan explores his singing abilities on the Afrobeats charged “Zone“. He certainly feels he is in his zone for a lover. This pomp continues on the bouncy title track “Better Man”. He is joined againg by Tkon Preezy and TJAY. Each of them explores the idea of change to being an improved version of their past selves.

At this point the concept hits home.

The closing track has a seemingly unpolished sound, a bit dirty, almost forgettable but doesn’t take away from the brilliance Visuo puts forward with an honest EP on earlier songs.

Away from rap, the budding rapper is a graphics designer and videographer/film maker – and his name and writing brings the cinematic POV to music.

Visuo is a rapper who loves to sing whenever he catches a melody, one minute he can give you reassuring raps, to verses he will sing – he has a gift for both.

Better Man under 17 minutes is Visuo’s best work so far this year worth a spin ever since his 2018 debut album Manifest.

Get Better Man EP here or listen below:

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