The Mith drops passioned verse on “Medicine” by Nigerian star Jay Willz: Are the So UG remixes back?

The Mith drops passioned verse on “Medicine” by Nigerian star Jay Willz: Are the So UG remixes back?

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“Medicine” was released last year by Nigerian artiste Jay Willz a song that has slowly caught people’s attention on different platforms especially social media and radio. The project which celebrates the healing power or remedying ability of a loved one has officially recieved a So UG remix from the Ugandan ambassador The Mith.

The Mith has added a verse to “Medicine” expressing his love for an unnamed partner. Being in the month of love, likely the emotion is high and hopefully the The Mith is back to working on (new) music which he tweeted recently. The likely has thousands of these remixes (he said he has a million) and if you have followed the rapper closely he has remixed some of the popular songs such as Chris Brown’s “Back To Sleep”, “Pata” with Lamu, and others.

Now he is back to dropping loosies here and there one may also think he is back at adding a verse or two on projects he likes.

Which popular song would you wish The Mith remixes?

Is the So UG remix back?

By press time the remix had been teased via Twitter:

Update: the official verse is accessible via the Mith’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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