Welcome to the Submit Page Guidelines. We understand many have issues when it comes to submitting content to us especially music. The guideline below is the best place to start before you do so. They will guide you on how you can reach your music to us so we can reach it far to your audience.

Take close attention on the guidelines below to avoid the: Why isn’t my music featured?, or This site doesn’t give a woot about me?

Now Dive IN!….

  • Before you submit your content make sure the subject  is filled with a Informative Line; Subject of email should start with “Music Submission”, “Song Submission”, “Album Submission:” and should include artist name, album title/song title with cover art.

  • It’s nice to introduce yourself or say something about you. Don’t assume we know so much about you. Send information about you.


  • If it is music you are sending, or even an article and have images that need to be featured make sure you send them. Send cover art for the music or project you love us to upload (mp3) or review. It takes time to start creating for you cover art which, you require at the time your music is out. Do all that in advance.


  • Details of the particular song, or project. Make clear the information that is required about, your music, project, EP, Album or article.


  • Of course we respect copyright. When YOU send us any music or content (especially audio or visual music) you agree to be owner, distributor or responsible person for the content you are sending. We understand managers may be in the ones submitting content, so look up to 2.) we need to know who is sending us the content.


  • For the sake of quality, be at least a step a head make your cover arts in advance and of good quality. get someone good to do it for you. The best cover art images should be at least lowest  512 by 312 px and above.Alternatively 600px x 600px (square measures)


  • It is also important to make links to your already published content else where or your social media accounts. This is to allow us to be more informative and help people connect easily to you. Necessary links to your musics can include: Audiomack , Souncloud and YouTube.


  • CONTENT is of the following forms: Music video, audio, cover art, Articles or write up of about 900 words, attach images well illustrated.

For any News,  Music, Album, Mixtape  or Video submit to nuveylive@gmail.com