5 Music Submission Mistakes most Artistes Make on the come up

5 Music Submission Mistakes most Artistes Make on the come up

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If you are reading this right now chances are high you are an artiste, an artiste manager, a person in the business of music or a curious person and most likely an avid reader of NuveyLive.

Many artistes starting in the music industry make so many mistakes that can be avoided by simply doing a google search in this digital age or asking competent people. Those willing to learn avoid making mistakes like when it comes to submitting music.

Over the years I have received music from artistes I notice how each one send the music and says a lot about whether they are beginners or just don’t care about how they present themselves – most of the time its up and coming.

When do I need to submit music?

Music submission is part of the outreach an artiste and their team makes. It is a task that has to be played when there is new music, an opportunity to feature on a blog or any media (on traditional and modern platforms).

Who receives my music?

Ordinary people who might be so tired by the time you send them your work. you better be spot on and organised. From radio music schedulers to journalists and casual and passionate bloggers. Could be a DJ.

Tell me about the 5 music submission mistakes I have been making

  1. Not following instructions/ submission guidelines. Most artistes randomly find emails and send music to media people without a care of what is required. Some blogs need quality pictures, social media links, streaming links and a short bio (most do). Other platforms might need the the music in WAV like Radio DJs need this. Know what each platform you are submitting to require.
  2. Sending incomplete information. I have seen emails with simply an ,mp3 file and hey its my new song from artistes I have never heard about. That submission is your window why would you not take it serious? Talk about you and what you want.
  3. Groupie messages/generalized messages. Imagine sending the same message to 100 people and yet the contents don’t seem to resonate with the receiver? Why would you send a n email saying kindly requesting to add my song to your playlist on your show to a blogger in a mass email? Personalize your emails basing on who is receiving it.
  4. Being disorganized. When a blog requests you to send your current single and you send your first song or upload a tone of songs and files not in a zip (imagine an email that is so confusing) – you are most likely going to be ignored.
  5. Not doing RESEARCH. This might sound like the first mistake. If an artiste doesn’t know what to do, they will most likely make so many mistakes – just like anyone in any field we are new in or have less knowledge of. Artistes should always be in a learning space. The questions are important: Who am writing to? What do I know about this radio? Does my music align with this magazine’s content?

Music distrubtion is easy these days, you might not go through this task of submission and you are lucky a Tiktok song brings you in front of the media. For an artiste who is trying to secure an interview or build and audience and create awareness it is important to package your self well in your email.

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